Vulcanising Services

  • manufacture of the claddings on the different types of the rolls for the paper, printing, wood processing, textile and related industries,

  • treatment of the claddings of the rolls: turning, cylindrical grinding according to the spherical program, Venta-Nip and other type groove milling, drilling according to the client’s requirements,

  • vulcanisation of the conveyor belts and manufacture of the rubber and rubber-metal elements,

  • regeneration of the rubber belts with steel ropes up to the maximum width of 2600mm,

  • repair and replacement of the belts on the basic machines and belt conveyors,

  • disassembly and assembly of the belts on the belt conveyors,

  • manufacture of the rubber mixes with a wide range of different types and for various purposes.

  • manufacture of the claddings made of regular, flame retardant and low-flammable rubber on the conveyor drums with a diameter of up to 2100 mm and length of up to 9000 mm with cut or smooth tread.